Kurtaran KU-S Series can be used for both synchronous or asynchronous motor drives.

The main part of the KU-S device is a '220V, 50Hz inverter' which supplies power to the main control panel, including the control circuits, the brake and the dooor unit, during a power failure.

In KU-S device, the main power to the motor drive inverter is supplied directly from the Batteries.

There are several types of inverters on the market today, and they nearly all have a low speed operation mode dedicated mainly for evacuation mode of opertation during power failure.

They usually require 220Volts to activate their own built-in power supply, and a powerfull DC voltage (the batteries) to be connected to their DC bus for power conversion This DC bus voltage changes from 48V to 120V depending on the different model.

KU-S unit has adoptable charging units in it for all these different voltages.

Kurtaran KU-S Series devices are to be placed within the main elevator control panel. Their dimensions are 155mm width, 320mm height and 150mm depth, weight 8,0 kg.The operating ambient temperature of KURTARAN KU-S series is 0 C - 45 C.

In KU-S device, the power to the main motor inverter is supplied directly from the batteries. This is specially good in terms of the reliabilty and the efficiency of the power source.

There are many different types of inverters on the market, requiring different DC voltages starting from 48V DC to 120V DC, during the evacuation or reduced speed operation mode.

There are two groups of batteries in KU-S system ( lower and upper group) as in fig.1.

By connecting them in series, one may get DC voltages from 60V to 120V, which fits to many of the inverters on the market.

Another very important advantage of supplying power directly from the batteries to the main inverter; since it is this inverter which drives the main motor, there is no power limit in KU-S device, assuming that a battery voltage and amp-hour capacity is suitable for it.